We offer: customized compliance consulting

The range of services offered by ChemLogis GmbH is as colorful and extensive as our clients’ questions are different. Of course, despite highly individual backgrounds, there can certainly be named overspanning thematic contexts, such as “chemicals”, “products”, “REACH“, “sustainability” and “recycling”, “SVHC substances in articles”, “registrations” and “notifications“, “biocides” and “pesticides”, “hazardous substances” and “safety data sheets” and many more. The list is by no means exhaustive, but it does make one thing clear: The topic PRODUCT COMPLIANCE is peppered with a multitude of variables and regulations! It is therefore obvious that no two projects are alike, which is why it is inevitable to offer our clients specific, individual solutions.

ChemLogis GmbH understands itself as an active partner of our clients. Our goal is to contribute to the added value of our clients in the long term, to save resources through time efficiency and competence and thus to generate a competitive advantage. Why exactly we are the right partners for this gets obvious here!

Our services at a glance

Rules and regulations are to a certain extent comparable to the rules of a game and must be observed in order to be allowed to operate in markets in general. The modern industrial society has a multitude of supranational regulations and guidelines, national laws, technical implementation aids or product-specific regulations.

To act conform with these is the essence of PRODUCT COMPLIANCE!

We support you in keeping the overview and put emphasis on advising you exactly where different regulations come together and situations get even more complicated!

Both the extraction of raw materials and the synthesis of substances and subsequently the manufacture of articles and products in general are characterized by value-adding work steps that are described and defined as processes. Regulatory influences have a considerable effect on processes and it is the responsibility of the company or person carrying out the process to ensure conformity.

Accordingly, it is advisable to subject processes to a regulatory audit, either at reasonable intervals or in conjunction with legal changes in the background. Our expertise makes us the ideal partner for the case when technical aspects meet regulatory issues!

On the one hand, the hazardous features of substances are a major reason for the need for regulation in chemical law, and on the other hand, they themselves are central elements of these substance rights. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of employers and safety officers to ensure that the regulations are implemented and thus to ensure safety at workplaces, but also of products or intermediates placed on the market.

We support you in fulfilling these obligations with our expert knowledge, prepare relevant documents, train them to your personnel and advise you on all topics relevant to hazardous substances…

An essential prerequisite for placing a safe and thus legally compliant product on the market is a comprehensive and precise knowledge of its ingredients. This is the only way to assess risks and ensure safe handling. For most  responsible companies it already is a matter of course to apply the greatest possible accuracy. To ensure that this is implemented by all players in the market, EU-wide regulations are now in place.

We give support in chemical analysis itself, but also in data evaluation, analytical strategy design, document verification or by means of a special screening for SVHC substances…

Use aspects of product compliance specifically for your marketing strategy! We advise you on the implementation, whether in terms of public relations or as a special analysis tool. It always depends on what you make of it!

Product compliance has a very concrete influence on economic contexts and can be an important criterion for the assessment of economic issues. In particular, we advise investors in the assessment of specific regulatory issues.

Don’t burden your creativity or scientific research with worries about product compliance! Develop your product without haste, but take regulatory considerations into account as early as possible. As a rule of thumb we suggest:

The more complex and higher-quality the product and its development, the earlier product compliance should be involved!

Due to our own experience in scientific and technical research and development, we are aware of the special situations innovators may find themselves in. Hence we have designed a special consulting package for them…