Hazardous substance management and occupational safety

Hazardous substances are undisputedly the central elements of substance law, on the basis of which a certain need for regulation has become evident. This applies above all to their use and safe handling, which is determined in particular by their specific hazardous characteristics. What seems obvious at first sight is anything but trivial on a second glance: How are hazardous characteristics to be determined and quantified, risks to be evaluated, substances to be classified as hazardous substances? What does meaningful labeling look like and to whom should it be addressed? These questions cannot be answered across the board or definitively and are the subject of work in large international bodies. Accordingly, the topic of hazardous substances confronts you with a dynamic, constantly evolving legal situation.

Safe handling of hazardous substances

General advice on hazardous substances, external assignment

ChemLogis GmbH in principle gives advice in all questions of hazardous substance management. Accordingly, we assess facts tailor-made to customer specifications and support you in implementing the necessary measures to minimize risks.

In addition, we can be appointment as external appointee for hazardous substance management, as “responsible person” in the sense of the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

Please contact us and describe your request. We recommend to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in advance. Here you can request our suggested NDA form.

ChemLogis GmbH carries out stock-taking and stock evaluation at your request. Based on this, we make recommendations as to which steps should be taken and with what priority. We support you with the correct labelling according to the CLP regulation, the creation and maintenance of substance and hazardous substance registers.

In addition, we offer a service for safety data sheets (SDS), which is geared towards up-to-dateness and compliance. This includes the document review of existing documents, the writing of new SDS, topicality screenings of toxicological data and much more.

In this context ChemLogis GmbH offers safety evaluations and toxicological assessments, in particular the safety assessment of cosmetic formulations according to Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.

Documents and databases, SDS, safety assessments of cosmetic products

Operating instructions, training and implementation of protective measures

As a downstream user of hazardous substances, you may be confronted with changed classifications of substances or novel chemicals. ChemLogis GmbH supports you as an expert and knowledgeable partner in evaluating new situations.

According to customer specifications we prepare risk assessments, operating instructions and SOPs with reference to hazardous substances. In addition, we support the implementation of safety-relevant measures through training and instruction according to the client’s specifications.

Also hereto, please contact us and describe your request. We recommend to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in advance. Here you can request our suggested NDA form.

please note:

Despite the similar wording and the similarity in meaning, the terms “hazardous substances” and “dangerous goods” are NOT congruent! The services mentioned here refer to the topic “hazardous substances”. If you wish to receive information on “dangerous goods”, please let us know clearly in order to avoid confusion.