Company profile

Legal form and location

ChemLogis was founded as a limited liability company in spring 2020 from the freelance label ChemLogis Dr. Pietrzik. The company is still based in Tübingen, but moved into premises in the industrial area on the Neckar river – with a connection to the B27 federal road. The step to a limited liability company was well-considered and should be a statement of our claim to be a “sound and reliable factor” in the environment of our business partners, especially for our long-standing clients but also for new ones.

Business activities and topics

ChemLogis GmbH offers consulting services in the fields of product compliance. The need for consulting services arises above all when you leave the subject areas of your own competencies and routines. This is especially the case when adjacent fields of law overlap or one is confronted with a legal situation that changes rapidly in time as well as geographically. The following may serve as examples

  • when accessing new markets which are subject to different legal areas,
  • delimitation in case of parallel validity of REACH (Art. 7 and 33) with other regulations, such as RoHS for electrical and electronic products
  • operational decisions such as expanding the product range with new articles, products, etc,
  • overcoming of bureaucratic and language barriers when importing substances, mixtures and products into the EU by external marketers,
  • changes in regulations, which start at a different point in the value chain, but have a much wider impact,
  • increase in the cost or even worse omission of resources that entail changes in value-adding processes.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but in order to solve the issues outlined above, detailed regulatory knowledge is required, which is the core competence of ChemLogis GmbH. For this reason, our service is more precise, faster and thus more cost-effective than an in-house solution.