For founders and start-ups - Compliance Compact

First of all research and innovation are targeting at the invention and development of novel products, regardless of whether the final result is an article, a substance or a complex product. Product compliance will certainly not be the subject of these efforts, but it is much more likely that the invention will be commercialized or even – based on this – that a business activity will be started, i.e. the foundation of a start-up. In the course of these steps at the latest, one usually realizes that it would have been better to have dealt with the topic of product compliance earlier! Of course, regulatory knowledge cannot replace the creative and technical basis; but it can show at an early stage which paths of development are better not to be left out and which will have little chance of success from an economic point of view.

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Compliance in the context of research and development

If you conduct market-oriented research and development (R&D) and want to have commercializable products at the end of your work, ChemLogis GmbH offers a compliance-oriented assessment of your venture under strictest confidentiality. It is also possible to combine this service with your IP strategy, depending on the focus of your project.

Also, you can clearly demonstrate to investors and reviewers that you have considered and taken into account the aspects of product compliance at an early stage!

If you are planning to out-license IP or set up a start-up in highly regulated market sectors such as life sciences or pharmaceuticals, we advise to consider regulatory issues as early as possible. For this purpose, ChemLogis GmbH is available for you as a compliance mentor already in the foundation phase, and beyond also in the subsequent commercialization phase. In this way you create important, free time resources for other urgent issues.

Of course, we are also your partner in the event of acute problems, should deadlines approach too quickly or other unexpected questions arise (REACH acute).

Finally, in addition ChemLogis offers the opportunity to quickly gain a first impression of the regulatory material in a crash course “Compliance compact”. The content will be based on your thematic orientation.

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